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Welcome to the website of The Guide to Davis, a book to be authored by Dr. Andy Jones, the Poet Laureate of Davis, California. The Guide to Davis will be published originally in ebook format, and later as a paperback, in 2017.

This website will serve a number of functions:

  • It will introduce the project.
  • It will provide a preliminary table of contents to the project.
  • It will introduce some of the contributors to the project.
  • It will answer (frequently asked) questions about the project.
  • And it will provide a place where people can express their interest in participating in the authorship of this guide, and submit thoughts on the cultural offerings of Davis.

Future updates to this website will provide sample chapters, present illustrations and photographs, and show you how to pre-order the book. Those who make substantive contributions to the project will have their short biographies included on this website and in the book, and will receive one of the first complimentary ebook copies of The Guide to Davis.

Look around! Read the invitation to participate, and consider what you would like to write. We welcome your feedback.